An Architect's DIY Kitchen Makeover – Before and After


Mixing high and low finishes in our simple modern kitchen renovation we created a refined, luxe style on a modest budget. In part two of this two part series, we set to work removing the existing finishes in our kitchen and begin the makeover process.
For the before and after photos, resources, links and details:

▬▬▬▬▬ Resources ▬▬▬▬▬
➕ Digital drawing templates:
➕ Specification + Schedule templates:
➕ Architect’s Toolkit (incl. shop drawing stamp):
➕ Architect + Entrepreneur Course:
➕ Notion template (free):

▬▬▬▬▬ Timestamps ▬▬▬▬▬
00:00 Why DIY?
00:36 Design Inspirations
00:50 Before Demolition
01:06 An Inexpensive Backsplash
02:26 Wall Shelves, Again?
03:05 Decluttering + Organizing
03:58 Refacing IKEA Cabinetry
04:55 Cabinet Accessories
05:18 Toekick “trick”
05:42 Clever Backsplash Detail + Tray
07:20 Refinishing Butcherblock
08:22 Why We Changed Course…
08:51 Soapstone Costs
10:02 Lighting
10:31 Lighting Fail
11:18 Pendant #2
12:14 New Plumbing Fixtures
12:49 New Appliances
13:56 Nice-to-haves
14:17 Before and After
15:05 Kitchen at Work

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  1. Based on the direction of the bowing , it looks like the moisture is coming from the top (expansion in the middle). Really appreciate the talk-through, we did a lot of the same when I updated our kitchen.

  2. Great video! I redid my own kitchen ten years ago and learned a lot. I teach high school here on MDI and am particularly interested in your videos about being an architect and developing sketching skills. I have students who are interested in internships with local architects. I saw on your faq that you don't do that, but is it possible you have time to point me toward others on the island who might be open to high school interns or shadows?

  3. Love this and trying to buy the laser blade for kitchen island but sistemux making it tough. From whom did you buy? I’ve called their Montréal office but they funnel me off to a local dealer who is useless. Unsure if you have any advice but thanks.

  4. Thanks for this video. You make me realize that I can DIY a lot of my own kitchen renovation (and it's overdue – my kitchen is a GE Wonder Kitchen from 1956. Oh, and it's pink – pink cabinets, pink appliances, pink walls). I appreciate your attention to the small details, so here's a small detail question – what is the brand of the black cutting mat you show in the video? Thanks and wishing you well.

  5. I did get the tower dish rack. I have been trying to find the perfect dish rack. This one is time I had a copper sheet folded and made for the bottom part and used a metal rack. But now I needed a smaller dish drain and this tower is nice. I wish it was a tad bigger and made out of metal.

  6. As a carpentery-based general contractor, I REALLY appreciate the architect who takes the time to appreciate what goes into DIY. Too many designs we encounter that can "look" fantastic on paper, but completely impractical when it comes to the execution of it.

  7. What I would of done is make some black drop down planters attached to the ceiling next to the hood on both sides and add very dark green colour plants that droop down which fills the empty space while adding depth and keeping the dark palette

  8. Now that's the video I've been waiting for for over half a year now and it came out gorgeous.
    Great videography, edit and great result.
    Thanks for making such pleasant videos

  9. What an awesome job! It's funny how he explained everything in detail and I still had no idea what he was trying to explain. I watched till the end because his voice is soothing and the editing skills are lit!!!

  10. about the plumbing fixture, did you ever thought of bringing in Filtered Cold and Instant Boiling Water taps? Could bring in nice easy fast boiling water that is fresh.

    Edit : forgot to say, great video, I enjoyed watching the whole finish!

  11. My sister has that same light you swapped out, they kept it above the dining table, lucky ita on a dimmer because of how bright and obnoxious it can get haha

  12. A lot of beautiful things and so much easier than you would think to implement, congratulations, but a gas range in 2022? An induction range would have been so much nicer, less ventilation is necessary because of the lack of combustion, future proof and so much easier to clean.

  13. Our maintenance team at work uses the same Velcro system for our food services areas but I do find it failing most of the time. Simple the Velcro became too old. And nobody can be bothered to exchange it. So personally for my own kitchen I would use magnets rather than Velcro.

  14. Looks great. Has the paneling held up to steam and moisture over the last 30days? Do you think it might hold up for a year or two or should one flip and sell soon after pinning it up?

  15. this is incredible. especially to someone who wishes to design and build a home as well.
    does anyone know of some sources to watch and learn some of the carpentry and building of really nice high end architecture/interior design projects? high end like the homes you see on NOWNESS In Residence.

  16. Very nice makeover. The one unnecessary expense was your kitchen cabinet fronts. IKEA cabinets have a 25 year warranty. You could have brought the old damaged fronts back to the store with your receipt and picked out new fronts for free.

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