I’m an interior designer and there are eight reasons your home looks cheap – basic artwork is the worst


THERE are loads of important decisions to make when it comes to decorating your home.

The wrong ones could make your home look cheap and tacky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Ditch the basic lighting features


Ditch the basic lighting featuresCredit: katekerdiinteriors/Tik Tok
Get rid of your cluttered show rack


Get rid of your cluttered show rackCredit: katekerdiinteriors/Tik Tok

Interior designer @katekerdiinterios took to TikTok to reveal some of the most common things people add to their homes that are making it look less than chic.

Luckily, all of the mistakes are easy enough to fix if they’re already in your home, and if they’re not, avoid adding them at all costs.

Basic lighting

Lighting is probably one of the most overlooked features in most rooms, the wrong lighting can make an otherwise stylish room look a bit cheap.

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Avoid basic and boring lighting and instead go for something a bit different to grab the attention of your guests.

Cluttered shoe rack

If your hallway has been taken over by a cluttered shoe rack, you’re not alone.

It might be handy to grab your shoes on the way out of the house, but it’s making everything look cheap, try sorting them out of sight, or only keeping a couple of pairs on it so it’s not an eyesore.

Matching furniture sets

If you didn’t already know, matching furniture sets are the main thing that point to a cheap and tacky home.

Even though it might be easier to buy everything from the same place the finished look isn’t great.

Taking the time to find individual pieces you love will make a massive difference.

Exposed wires

This is especially bad you’ve got your TV hung on your wall and have the wire dangling down from it, or if you’ve got extension leads running across the room.

Make sure all the wires in your home are safely tucked away if you want your home to look more posh and expensive.

Wrong furniture placement

It’s easy to buy a new piece of furniture and just put it wherever it fits, but that might not actually be the best place for it.

Try moving some things around to see if there’s a layout that would work better for your space.

Basic artwork

Having lots of artwork around your home is generally a good thing, but if that art work is the same boring and basic print that every other house on your road has, think again.

Avoid generic prints and word art that are always going to look tacky.

Put the ‘live, laugh, love’ sign down, we promise you don’t really need it.

Wrong rug size

Rugs are a great way to add colour and texture to an otherwise dull room, but having the wrong rug size for the space can make it look way worse.

If your rug is too small the risk is that the furniture will look out of place, like it’s just floating in the room.

Go for a larger rug to help anchor everything down.

Fake plants

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Unless you’re forking out for fake plants that are completely identical to real ones, it’s probably best to avoid them.

And if your home doesn’t get much light there are plenty of plants out there that thrive is shady spaces!

There's nothing stylish about exposed wires


There’s nothing stylish about exposed wiresCredit: katekerdiinteriors/Tik Tok
Matching furniture is a big no-no


Matching furniture is a big no-noCredit: katekerdiinteriors/Tik Tok
Find unique art instead of generic prints


Find unique art instead of generic printsCredit: katekerdiinteriors/Tik Tok
Opt for real plants over fake ones


Opt for real plants over fake onesCredit: katekerdiinteriors/Tik Tok


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