my first year as an interior design student


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  1. Hi I’m a junior in high school and I’m still deciding if I want to be a interior designer! . Any tips what classes I should take to help ? My drawing skills or point of views drawings?

  2. hello I was wondering what your application process was like (and how the interview goes) as well as what you put in your portfolio, if you're able to include pictures or explain. It would be so much of a help to me as I'm currently trying to create a portfolio and have no where to start. Thank you 🙂

  3. Hey.. i am in 3rd year degree right now and i live in india.. i want to do masters in ID.. and i want to ho abroad! DO YOU THINK IS IT WORTH IT TO DO MASTERS IN ID? And if yes which country is best?

  4. Hello I was wondering if I would be taking the same classes if I went into interior decorating….cause I’m a bit confused at the two if they are the same thing or different but I’m 17 and I’ve always been interested in interior decorating and since I’m a junior I really need to figure out what I need to do lolll and what classes I should take and how to prepare myself really.

    But I’m just curious about the decor part of it

  5. I wanna do interior designing but I am confused cus my drawing are not that good….and have a average creativity and visualisation ….i am really interested in it…..will my creativity and drawing improve while doing the course??

  6. Such a great video! I’m in community college rn but trying to decide what major I’ll transfer into. I’m deciding between bs interior design and bs design with an architectural technology concentration! Thanks for the helpful info 🙂

  7. I don't have a portfolio and I have to apply this month bcx of the deadlines what should I do
    I don't want to waste another year
    pls any suggestions

  8. Hey I’m a sophomore in interior design and it is very very time consuming, but thankfully they only worry about your progress not if your the best or not but to teach you. They are not expecting to see if everyone can draw or not. Yes there will be some teachers who have favorites but they are there to help all to get through the program. I love my final products always just seeing myself grow and helping others. I’m not so good with math or numbers but my drawings itself is what’s getting me through. You’re gonna have a lot of late nights up working but you’re gonna feel so good after it’s all done. But me I love interiors, some are so beautiful and it’s just fun to design your own as well. Honestly practice drawing to find your own style. ❤️

  9. wow this video is soooo helpful! you’re really good at explaining and it was just so interesting! thank you so much for this you’re doing a great job! i’ll be starting college next fall at mtsu and i was really worried but this helped me a lot! <3

  10. I wanna major in Interior Design. I’ll be starting next Spring, but I’m very afraid about the drawing. I’m terrified since draw it’s not one of my best abilities. Do you have any advice? 🙏

  11. Thank you so much for making interior design videos. After 3 years in the workforce I decided on interior design. It's really good to see how a college student views the program

  12. Hi 🙂 I was wondering, Do people become a interior designer just to create a business of their own? Or they could work for someone for the rest of their life and get a good salary?

    And are there classes interior students could take if for example, they don’t know how to draw or sketch? because there’s things I need to learn if I go for interior designer

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