Genius Modular Home Design They’ve Kept Hidden Until Now!


The modular home featured in this tour is the “Abby” by Terrace Homes on display in Friendship, WI at Terrace Homes. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms inside a 1882 sqft layout. The price as toured and at the time of making this video is approximately $458,000*


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Terrace Homes:


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Hey everyone, my name is Timothy and I travel the United States showing off some of the most Amazing Homes!

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**That price may or may not be the price you pay if you decided to make this modular home yours. Prices can and do change, and is for the home only. I am not a salesman nor affiliated with any of the homes I showcase. These are for inspiration and information purposes and prices are not to be used as quotes.**


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  1. Interesting home. That bar area looks like it's in a whole new different house, it doesn't look like the rest of the homes interior. Also seems like there should be a half bath on the other side of the house somewhere.

  2. Tim….this is sad. This house looks like it was caught in a timewharp from the 70's. It is dated. Did they put all left over parts in this modular? They ought to be ashamed of themselves even presenting this contraption. I laughed through your while presentation Tim. This modular is a disgrace. They need to update and represent. Sad and comical.

  3. Moss Green 💚 Siding with Rock!
    Office with French Doors and Murphy Bed!
    2nd Office for Kids Homework! 😁
    Four Seasons Sun Room! 🌞
    I didn't care for the Side Kitchen, I would prefer the Kitchen Square! 😂

  4. Hello thimoty
    This is a amazing home i love it that you showed us the other one we Gould choose to this is a very beautyfull home i love the lay-out onley the cabinets you know me now i want white cabinets this is Nice to but i prefure white i love the way. The kitchen is its a very spacious kitchen its a galy kitchen but a nice galy kitchen i love the living room and dining i would put my tv to the wall with a Bild in closet this floorplan is amazing thank you for showing us this amazing home thimoty Stay safe and God bless


  5. This is a great layout for a roommate, mother-in-law, or adult child at home living situation. The modest footprint keeps things affordable, but people can still have their own space(s). The only thing I'd do differently is make the 4-season room a screened porch instead.

  6. Nice. I really like this one – though I think I'd put in a pocket door on that small office, turn it into a deep storage pantry w/freezer and open up a pass-thru between it and the utility room.

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