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  1. The difference between doing "Something" to solve an problem vs. Truly understanding what the problem is and discovering insights to solve the real issue; not just a symptom. IF, the designers weren't hired, and only the menu was changed, it would look pretty at the beginning, but after some time, the kitchen staff would still be unmotivated and the seniors would still feel embarrassed asking for assistance. Bringing everyone back to square one. Through design research and empathizing with the users, it sparked a community to gather in the preparation and enjoyment of food. When everyone became involved and began communicating, seems like the answers were obvious, they just needed some guidance to bring them to life.

  2. Very promising in the beginning but then only focused on the menu and food description.  How does changing the menu and description address the needs of the food preparers? Increase the quality of the food?  and alleviated the stigma of receiving government assistance (Elderly's primary concern)?  Did changing the menu and description of food get people to eat more?  If so how?  I felt like we just put lipstick on a pig and called it a win……innovative technique towards a solution but incomplete.

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